Heart of Atticus

I spent my elementary school years in rural Natal, South Africa surrounded by bush lands, Maasai warriors and sun bleached scrub, overlooked by the imposing Ukhahlamba Drakensberg mountains. Never without a comic book poking out of my back pocket I would venture out into the bush in search of an escape, searching for a world away from the yellow dry earth I was surrounded by and a doorway into the rich, vibrant colourful world of my comics. I would spend hours in the shade of an old Acacia tree with only curious lizards and insects for company, drawing as much of the wildlife as I could. Slowly realizing that this was the doorway I was searching for. Drawing and my imagination were the key.

I was always a huge fan of horror since my big brother let me watch movies like The Evil Dead, The Changeling and the Exorcist when I was 7 years old. So this became a big part of my drawings early on, maths classes became my "request a horror comic" Art class. Friends would suggest a theme and I would draw a one page comic by the end of class for them. TMNT were the big thing at the time so ultra violent scenes staring the 4 hard-backed superheroes were the majority of the requests.

Leaving South Africa and my family behind I found myself in North West England where I studied Art and Design at college. Here I struggled with the life and the hectic lifestyles everybody lead. Taking a break I headed off to the Scottish Highlands where the ruralness was a welcome relief. In many ways it was like South Africa just a lot more wet and green and here I stayed. I found a job that appealed to my slightly twisted outlook on life working as a Deer Skinner. I sketched, read comics and skinned various wild animals. Not long later I returned to my education and enroled at University and did a course in Cartooning and Illustration where I achieved a Diploma with Merit (Dip C. Inst C).

Present life I'm no longer butchering animals, instead I paint, draw, create, build, do murals for walls, design tattoos and still do the odd comic or two.

6ft x 6ft Superhero Mural

Art Studio

Various Art Projects

Various Art Projects 2

The Plumber part 1

The Chop

Reversal - The Origami Moth and Lightbulb

Breaking bad Xmas Card

Twin Planet


Evil Eye (coming soon.....)

The Plumber part 2 (coming soon.....)

Accupunctured (coming soon.....)

The Demise of Merv the Perv (coming soon.....)

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